Dr. Pamela Chepngetich Mainye

Email: pchepngetich@kisiiuniversity.ac.ke

Research Projects


‘Building Peace Through Radio’: Radio Fan Clubs, ‘Collective Responsibility’, and Post
Conflict Healing in Eldoret, Kenya. (African Peacebuilding Network, 2017)
From Online Rhetoric to Street Protests: Cyber Activism, Aesthetics, and the Kenyan
Urban Space. (VoilksWagen Stiftung, 2016)
Next Generation in Social Sciences in Africa Training Workshop. January 2018, Nairobi,
African Peacebuilding Network 2017 Training Workshop II on Writing and Dissemination.
December, 11th-13th, 2017, Rabat, Morocco
African Peacebuilding Network 2017 Training Workshop I on Research Methods. June. 20th-
22nd 2017, Accra, Ghana
ECAS 2015 – 6th European Conference on African Studies, Collective Mobilizations in Africa:
Contestation, Resistance, Revolt. Paris, France – 8-10 July, 2015. Presented a paper titled:
Vernacular Photography as Subject of Research: Ethical Considerations.
Nordic Africa Days 2014 – Misbehaving States and Behaving Citizens? Questions of
Governance in African states, 26-27 September 2014. Uppsala, Sweden.
BIGSAS Colloquium- Academic Forum for the Presentation of Initial Work in Progress held at
Iwalewa House, Bayreuth, Germany, November 7, 2014; 8-9 November, 2012. Presented my
PhD Work in Progress.
Moi University, Kenya – Autobiography in Eastern Africa: Remembering the Past,
Constructing the Self, 3-4 February 2014. Presented a paper titled on Vernacular
Photography among Refugees in Dadaab, North Eastern Kenya.
Bayreuth International Summer School, Bayreuth University, Germany, 22-26 July, 2013.
Course title: Visual Research in the Social Sciences (A focus on Video)
ECAS 2013 – 5th European Conference on African Studies, African dynamics in a multipolar
world, Lisbon, Portugal, 26th-30th June 2013. Presented a paper on Twitter and Africa’s War
on Terror: News Framing and convergence in the Kenyan media.