Maake Benard Magara


Selected Publications

International conference papers, journals and book chapters
a) M. B. Magara, S. Ojo, S. Ngwira, and T. Zuva, “MPlist: Context aware music
playlist,” in Emerging Technologies and Innovative Business Practices for the
Transformation of Societies (EmergiTech), IEEE International Conference on, 2016,
pp. 309-316.
b) Maake B. M, Ojo S.O., and Zuva, T. “Toward Altmetric-driven Research-paper
Recommender System Framework”, in the 13th International Conference on Signal
Image Technology & Internet based Systems. IEEE International Conference, India,
c) Maake B. M., Ojo S.O., and Zuva, T. “A Comparative Analysis of Text Similarity
Measures and Algorithms in Research Paper Recommender Systems “, in the
Information Communication Technology & Society Conference – ICTAS 2018. IEEE
International Conference, Durban, 2018.
d) Maake B.M., Ojo S.O., and Zuva, T. “Towards A Serendipitous Research Paper
Recommender System Using Bisociative Information Networks (BisoNets)”. In the
International Conference on Advances in Big Data, Computing and Data
Communication Systems (icABCD 2018). IEEE International Conference – August
2018, Durban.
e) Maake B. M., Ojo S.O., and Zuva, T. “A Serendipitous Research Paper Recommender
System” in the 9th annual conference on social sciences – ICSS 2018, Fancour, George,
South Africa. August 2018.
f) Awuor F.M., Rabah K., & Maake B.M. (2013). ICT in Technical Training to
Address Unemployment in Kenya. Paper presented at the Joint International
Conference on Engineering Education and Research, and International
Conference on Information Technology ICEE/ICIT 2013, Cape Town.
g) George Matara, Naftal Nyarangi and Benard Maake. Financial Counseling as an
Essential Tool of Psychotherapy among HIV Patients: A Case Study in Kisii
County. SUBTHEME: Psychotherapy a valuable tool in differentiated learning
and instruction. At Kisii University, Psychotherapy conference held in 2013.
h) Gekombe D., Omambia A. and Maake B. “The role of fiber optics in the Kenyan
economy”, in the 1st annual academic conference and agricultural field day, at
Kitale Club. Conference theme ” Re-Engineering Agribusiness through
innovation to Achieve Food Security in Line with Vision 2030
Book Chapters
i. Benard Magara Maake, Naftal Nyarangi Oino and Fredrick Mzee Awuor, (2015).
MPowering: How Mobile Money (M-Pesa) Services Promote Realization of a Digital
Society in the Kenyan Government. Emerging Issues and Prospects in African
EGovernment. Chapter 7. IGI global.
ii. Maake Benard Magara, Ojo Sunday, Zuva Tranos (2019). Information Processing in Research
Paper Recommender System Classes. Research Data Access and Management in Modern
Libraries. IGI global publishers (accepted for publication).
iii. Maake Benard Magara, Ojo Sunday, Zuva Tranos (2019). A Survey on Data Mining Techniques
in Research Paper Recommender Systems. Research Data Access and Management in Modern
Libraries. IGI global publishers (accepted for publication).