Students present an Automated Green House Crop Monitoring and Control System

The  “NAIROBI  TECH WEEK” that took place from 24th to 26th April,2019 at Strathmore University saw our Computing Science students emerge the Best team in IoT and The second best overall. They were given Incubation in @iBizAfrica in Strathmore University.

The “Greenhouse crop monitoring and control system” is able to monitor and regulate all ecological conditions in a farm, which include temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and Light. When temperatures in a farm exceed the optimum fans are automatically turned on till the temperatures are lowered when Soil moisture is low pumps are turned automatically hence pumping water for irrigation until its optimum moisture content is attained. When its cloudy/gloomy lights are turned on so as to aid in lighting the room for the process of photosynthesis to be maintained hence ensuring maximum crop production.

The farmer will always be able to communicate with his or her greenhouse via Short Message Service (SMS) about the state and conditions of the greenhouse hence reducing human worry.

Thumbs up for Kelvin Kipkoech, James Kitheka, and Alexander Mutua for the good work done.

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